Fall can bring different varieties of birds to your backyard

Fall002As well as your resident birds preparing for their migration journey, you may also have other species, already en route from more northern areas, stopping to feed. Keep your feeders clean and well stocked at this time of year. Although there is usually an abundance of berries, seed and grain in their natural environment, providing birdseed will add to their buffet.   Continuing to feed during the fall does not tempt your resident birds to stick around. It serves only to fill their reserves for their long trip. The hours of daylight, climate and their natural instinct to migrate are what determine when birds leave for the winter season. Seed high in protein and fat have the most calories, which is what migrating birds need considering the vast amount of energy they will expend.   As well as helping those birds that are leaving, you will also attract winter species that do not migrate and encourage them to adopt your backyard for the season.   Enjoy the birds!

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