Springtime…and the behavior is Strange!

It’s the time of year when birds start drumming, calling, preening and generally acting somewhat odd.

Male Woodpeckers tap loudly on chimneys, house siding, and hollow trees to mark their territories and to attract a female. This behavior can continue for a few weeks. Unfortunately, woodpeckers are very active in the early morning. Loud drumming on the rain gutter at 5:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning can be annoying (to put it mildly).

Other birds dance and strut about to attract a mate. In order to prove his strength and vigor to a potential mate, male birds show off in different ways: flashy dances, intricate songs and fancy flights.

In an attempt to establish their territories and ward off competition, male birds sometimes attack other male birds. If they see their own reflection in a window and mistake it for a rival, this can result in birds banging into windows and knocking themselves out.

When there are hatchlings in the nests, females become very protective of their young. They often dive bomb humans, cats and other creatures that approach the nest too closely. Residents may have to change their routes in and out of the house for a few weeks to avoid the attacks.

In an attempt to keep their nests clean so that predators do not catch a scent of the young, grackles remove feces from the nest and drop it into birdbaths and swimming pools. The fecal matter is encased in a tough membrane which makes it easy for the grackles to dispose.

Hopefully you will find some of this odd behavior mildly entertaining? Maybe we all act a little bizarre after a long winter?? Enjoy your spring!

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